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Support your local community Sports Club by sponsoring an advert for less than £1-00 per week to help them to raise funds.

Sports Media Advertising is presently installing 24-27’’ HD Media Screens into local sports clubs (or pubs they use as HQ) so that they can run adverts on a continuous rolling system.
All adverts will be displayed 3-4 times every hour and all graphics will be provided by us to your specifications.

The system gives local businesses the opportunity to be seen by many local people at a cost of less than £1 per week whilst helping to raise funds for the clubs.
We are promoting the ethos of Local Business’ supporting Local Clubs and their Club Members supporting Local Business’
A simple, but very effective method of business development.

We currently have systems successfully installed in Many Sports Clubs throughout North, West, East, South Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire
Including: Cricket, Rugby, Football, Squash and Multi Sports Clubs.

The costs, including initial graphics and design, are as below:
One advert per system:     £50-00 per year
One advert on two systems:    £85-00 per year
One advert on three systems:    £120-00 per year
One advert on 5 systems:    £ 190-00 per year
One advert on 10 systems:    £300-00 per year

Advertisements can be tailored to suit your requirements and can be readily changed or updated throughout the year to reflect any ‘special offers’ or changes to your business for an additional fee of £10-00 per amendment.

If you want any further details please contact:
Sports Media Advertising
Email:  sportsmediads@gmail.com
Tel: 07877 520171

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