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Testimonials, See what some of the clubs are saying about us!

Spofforth Cricket Club
"As the first club in our area to install a Sports Media Advertising screen we have been more than happy with the outcome. Whilst we are having some difficulty in encouraging our members to buy into the idea nevertheless we are starting to reap the financial benefits after some two years with the system. The company, Liz and Fred, are extremely easy to get on with and have been most helpful throughout the period. We strongly recommend Sports Media Advertising to all sports clubs."

Terry Kavanagh   - Hon Treasurer - Spofforth Cricket Club – North Yorkshire

Dinnington Rugby Union Football Club

Having the Sports Media Advertising system has given us the opportunity to create a long term revenue stream for the club and also has helped us to develop commercial partnerships with the local business community.
It also provides an excellent information source for all our members for club news, future social events, forthcoming fixtures and club shop sales.

Alan Peasgood – Dinnington Rugby Club Manager

Anston Cricket Club
The Sports Media Advertising system has been installed at Anston Cricket Club for well over a year with the club reaping many benefits from the scheme.
Local businesses are able to support the club through their advertising whilst marketing their products and services to our members and guests.
The club receives a reliable and substantial revenue stream whilst enabling good working relationships to develop which we hope will last for many years to come.
A further bonus through working with Sports Media Advertising is the ability to advertise forthcoming fundraising events and attractions

Alan Platts – Anston CC Chairman

Lowerhouse Cricket Club
Lowerhouse CC are pleased to confirm that from this week we now have a new advertising opportunity available at the club.
We have joined forces with Sports Media Advertising Ltd who are specialists in raising funds for Sports Clubs.  
Matthew Stansfield & John Walker arranged a meeting with Fred Clark from Sports Media Advertising and were extremely impressed. Between us we then identified potential sponsorship candidates and Sports Media have dealt with all the arrangements. We’re always on the look-out for extra sources of revenues and believe this is a great way for business large and small to advertise and equally a great way for our club to raise much needed income

Frank Entwistle - Secretary – Lowerhouse Cricket Club – Lancashire

Goole Town Cricket Club
Goole Town CC are delighted with the response to the media screen installed at their Clubhouse. The screen was fitted at the start of the 2012 season and the cost was covered in the first 6 months and a contribution of over £200 to the Club obtained by the end of the season.
Advertisers are pleased with the standard of advert. They are clear, concise and eye catching.
The best thing for us was that there were no outgoing costs and very little work. The Club Secretary did a list of potential advertisers based on past sponsors, players’ family and contacts and a look into the local yellow pages. Fred and Liz of Sports Media Advertising did the work to turn this into sponsorship.

We also use the screen to advertise our upcoming fixtures, entertainment nights, quizzes etc and also did Christmas and Birthday greetings messages. The screen also shows all our contact details for team captains, coaches & officials, and also advertises our range of beers, drinks and snacks available

David Caldicott  - Hon Club Secretary    Goole Town Cricket Club – East Yorkshire

Pannal Cricket Club
Being a cricket club without any possibility of having a bar/community social outlet to assist with raising additional funding for the club the SMA concept has been linked to a local pub.
This is only in its first year but the feedback from those frequenting the pub are impressed by the idea and like the look of the screen, not too intrusive but offering valuable and interesting advertising and club news.
The SMA folk have done everything they said on the tin, taking a potential workload off the club in setting up the system, contacting suggested sponsors and maintaining updated information.

The financial benefit will be felt more in years two and three. The club Committee fully endorse this imaginative idea.

Brian Hunt - Chairman, Pannal Cricket Club – North Yorkshire

Todmorden Cricket Club
Todmorden Cricket Club had a Sports Media Advertising Ltd Media Screen installed in our Pavilion Bar in late June 2012.

We have lots of Sponsors Boundary Boards at our club and we were a little sceptical that we would not be able to hit the premium costs within the first twelve months, but we actually hit that target in less than eight months and are now making a profit on the screen with still four months to go on our first year. As we all know every penny counts with cricket clubs and this venture is one that is proving successful!
The system used to update the screen on a regular basis is very simple and easy to do –SMA offer a professional and friendly service and they do all the work for you, it is truly a fantastic service for a cricket club.

SMA are always on hand to offer advice and update you on how the screen is performing. I would 100% recommend any sports club to get involved with Sports Media Advertising Ltd for a simple and stress free way to raise some funds for your club

Andrew Sutcliffe - 1st X1 Captain – Todmorden Cricket Club – West Yorkshire

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